About JKR Computers

Our Company

Rob Revie, also the original founder of Keal Computer Services Inc. in 1988, founded JKR Computer Services Inc. in 1999 and has been servicing computers since 1983. Rob believes that to be successful in the services industry, service must be the first and foremost focus each and every day. JKR Computer Services Inc is based on this standard and the growth of this business by customer referrals is a testament to that fact.
JKR Computer Services Inc. has been working with all of the major insurance industry broker management systems since its inception and has developed an excellent reputation with many of its support personnel. Company’s such as: Power Broker, Agency Manager, Signasure, Sig XP and CIM Data as well as rating products such as Compu-Quote and Power Quote, have worked hand in hand with JKR to solve many issues within individual brokerages.
In addition to servicing Insurance Brokers, JKR is well known in the financial, legal and manufacturing industries.
Through JKR’s inception, they have moved and merged many companies, helped them expand and setup remote connectivity, ensured that there is data integrity within their backup systems for disaster recovery and maintained and upgraded their hardware.
JKR is intent on being a complete solutions provider, providing everything from the initial cable installation and network setup, server sales and installation, computer systems sales and service to the toner used daily for printing.

Owner / Founder

Rob Revie has been in the IT Industry for over 30 years, his industry experience helps his customers make the right decisions for their technology needs. JKR Computers was founded in 1999, prior to that Rob was part owner of KEAL for over 10 years. Rob always has his client's best interests in mind and will never recommend or support installation of a product that isn't money well spent or that won't meet your needs. For honest, cost effective solutions for your IT needs, speak to Rob. Rob has extensive experience with many different size companies, from one man operations to worldwide 100+ employee companies, specializing but not limited to insurance brokers, finance companies and manufacturing companies.

We have had the pleasure of working with JKR Computers for over five years. The JKR Team is a very important asset to Buckley Insurance! Their knowledge of both leading edge technology and the Insurance Industry is comparable to none! JKR ensures that our computer system runs smoothly on a daily basis through their experience, expertise and genuine care and concern. We would highly recommend JKR Computers to anyone looking for Computer Support.
Tracey Tibando, Buckley Insurance