Services Offered

Services Overview

  • On-Site Computer Service
    We provide on-site computer services as well as in-shop repairs at our office. We make sure that you are back up and running quickly with technicians on the road all day.
  • Hardware / Software Installation
    We will install any necessary hardware in order for you to function, as well as install and configure any custom software you need in order to run your business in any field.
  • VPN & Remote Access
    We can set up Terminal Services or VPN access to your network for remote locations and remote printing. We have solutions for business and home use for remote login capabilities.
  • Remote Computer Support
    We can help you with just about any issue through the Internet. All you need is Internet access from that computer and we can log in and see what is on your screen.
  • Data Backup Solutions
    Our backup services include off-site cloud back up, cloud services, on-site NAS Drives, Disk backups, and co-location services. Your data is important and having a good backup is something we take very seriously.
  • Virus Prevention & Elimination
    We provide virus prevention using ESET Endpoint and Malwarebytes for protection. If you happen to have a virus we are experienced in finding and removing all types of malware, ransomware, or viruses.
  • Data Recovery
    Your Data is very important. We offer data recovery from hard drives within your desktop, server, or laptop. We will do all we can to get any data back and ensure it is safe.
  • Off-Site Disaster Recovery
    Our extended services include Off-Site DR if your office were to experience a disaster. We offer Server and File replication, as well as space in our office for work to continue.
  • Custom Computer / Server
    We offer custom built desktop computers and servers that are built using quality parts and built to your needs. Each of these computers comes with a warranty and service.
  • File Servers & Domains
    We offer sales and installation of Network Servers for all aspects of your business, including Active Directory Servers, File Servers, Application Servers, and Backup Servers.